Maria Rooney / Foret Pilates

Maria Rooney / Foret Pilates
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Welcome to Foret Pilates - McKinley Beach studio, where you can experience the flow and freedom of movement through private reformer Pilates sessions.
I have created a safe and supportive environment, where we focus on helping you reconnect with your body, working together to restore balance, coordination, and stability.

Each session is tailored to your individual needs, incorporating modifications and variations that enhance the unique "Pilates" feel, promoting ease of movement and overall well-being. Fall in love with the way you move!

In addition to our private sessions, I also teach mat Pilates at Sweat Studios Kelowna, offering a comprehensive approach to Pilates that complements your fitness journey. Whether in the intimate setting of our studio or the dynamic environment of Sweat Studios, my goal is to support your transformation and foster a deeper connection with your body.

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