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Kelowna, BC
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August Luxury Motorcars is the Okanagan’s premier retailer of luxury and exotic vehicles. "Familiarity, routine, repetition. Words that we here at August Motorcars tend to ignore. When this company was founded the principle was very simple; Take everything you know about the generic car buying experience and leave it in the dust. Take the dull, maniacal practice so often associated with the modern-day dealership and re-image what we standardize as a vehicle purchasing experience. As the only Luxury Pre-owned and Exotic vehicle dealership between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains it was said we rolled the dice with the beautiful Okanagan Valley to call our home. A decision we did not have to think twice about. So if you are ready to start your next luxury Pre-owned car, truck SUV or exotic buying venture, but strive for something unique, than look no further. This is a game changer. Re-imagine. Reinvent. Redefine Experience." - August Motorcars

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