Antonia Rizea

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Antonia grew up in Vancouver and attended the University of British Columbia for her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology. Throughout university, Antonia worked as a trainer and as a health educator to young students to promote healthy eating and fitness. After graduating university, Antonia moved to Kelowna to pursue a career in Kinesiology and enjoy the great outdoors the Okanagan has to offer.

As a Kinesiologist, Antonia developed a niche for hydrotherapy and has developed a transitional program from water based exercises to land based exercises to facilitate a wide range of clients in reaching their optimal level of performance. The program has been extremely beneficial in helping individuals recover from a wide range of injuries from sports, motor vehicle accidents, work related and post surgical.

When Antonia is not in the pool or at the gym, you can find her enjoying the outdoors. She enjoys snowboarding, hiking, kiteboarding, mountain biking and surfing.

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