Claro Learning Centre - Senior

1912 Enterprise Way
Kelowna, BC
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At Claro Life, we believe...
- In the lived experience and voices of children and families.
- Our world is enriched with neurodivergence and other diversity.
- All behaviour is communication, and all communication is valid (verbal, AAC, gestures, sign, behaviour).
- Everyone is capable of learning when they feel safe, and safety is cultivated in relationship.
- Kids and adults do well if they can.
- Co-regulation is the path to self-regulation.
- In understanding our hidden senses (vestibular, proprioception, interoception).
- In connection (not compliance)! ​​
​- In trauma-sensitive practice.
- In evidence-based practice.​
- Safe spaces lead to courageous voices and choices.
- In having a whole lot of FUN!
- In community inclusion, and active citizenship. Everyone is capable of contribution.
- In honouring childhood, and preparing for adulthood.
- In nurturing ability, resilience, and infinite potential.
- Effective support is key to a child and family's quality of life.
- Our students are destined for big, BRIGHT, lives!

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