Beck Wilson - Beck's Zen Den

1373 Ethel St
Kelowna, BC
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Peace & Serenity….

Zen life for your mind, body & soul.

Welcome to Becks Zen Den. My name is Beck. I am a Holistic Healer offering several Healing modalities; including, but not limited to: Reiki Energy Healing, Card Readings, Raynor Naturopathic Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology & more…..

When you feel drawn to, or are ready to start your healing journey, I would love to have you come visit, sit, lay, relax, meditate, heal, or have space held for you here. At Becks Zen Den, you can be free, safe, comfortable, open & vulnerable in a neutral, warm, inviting space filled with love.

To learn more, head to the MENU and see what’s in store! Have an amazing day, each and everyday! Namaste…

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