Kids Physio Group - Kelowna

Kelowna, BC
V1Y 9T5
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Physiotherapy clinic for children newborn to 18 years in a space designed just for kids!

We offer services for:

Infant and Toddler Conditions: ex. Head Shape management, plagiocephaly & torticollis, low tone, delayed milestones, feeding, reflux, ect.

Kids Injuries and Post Concussion Rehabilitation: ex. ligament sprains, muscle strains, bone fractures, growth related injuries, concussions, whiplash, baseline cognitive testing ect.

Increasing Strength and Confidence in Activity: ex. sport specific skill, movement in classroom or at home that has been challenging, riding a bike, taking first steps ect.

Physical and Developmental Disabilities: ex. scoliosis, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, autism, muscular dystrophy, down syndrome, facial tics ect.

Pelvic Health: ex. bedwetting, constipation, leaking in response to activity, inability to sense the urge to toilet ect.

Our clinics main philosophy is we make physio fun in which we strive to deliver world-class physiotherapy in a fun and engaging way that doesn't feel like traditional therapy for our patients.

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