Kaitlyn Dickie

Kelowna, BC
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Kaitlyn is a Kelowna local and she's lived there pretty much her whole life. One of her favourite things to do is travel, and she has recently visited South Africa, El Salvador, Egypt, and London but during the pandemic when she is home she enjoys exploring and adventuring in her own backyard. She feels so fortunate to live in beautiful British Columbia where she can go hiking, camping and spend many of her summer nights in a tent on a mountain somewhere. When she is not in nature, she loves being in the kitchen creating new recipes or “veganizing” recipes from her mom's or her Grandma’s old cookbooks. With that passion and her love for good food, she started a blog and an Instagram account where she not only shares her adventures, but also delicious plant-based recipes, cruelty-free favourites, zero-waste tips, and ethical products.

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