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We are Staycation In The Nation, proud Canadians who not only wanted to show our national pride but to take time to recognize and promote local Canadian businesses trying to make a living during Covid-19. We are firm believers in supporting local - our neighbours who hire neighbours, sponsor our kids’ teams, support local charities and fundraisers, and pay local taxes.

While global competition and foreign-owned companies coming to Canada is not new, with the current pandemic and its impact lasting into the foreseeable future, local businesses need support now more than ever. It was this realization that made Staycation feel compelled to get off the couch and do something.

So what do we do? Our goal is to travel across all Canada (as much as we're able to) promoting local Canadian businesses in any way we can along the way; to taste their food, test their products, and try their services. Then of course, recording it all in this blog to share with all of you!

We’re foodies, not food critics: imbibers of craft beers, wines and spirits, not snobs; and regular consumers of everyday things, not consumers reports. We are proud Canadians who believe that supporting local businesses is necessary and long overdue. Now is the time to act.

So welcome to Staycation Nation, follow us and enjoy our blogs as we travel our great nation championing the wonderful local Canadian businesses together. Don’t hesitate to share your story with us by emailing us at canada@staycationinthenation.ca.

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