Dylan Ranney

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The youngest of four boys, Dylan was born in West Vancouver and began creating with his hands at a young age. Accrediting the varied likes of his mother, older brother Lucas, and the ‘inventing room’ at Science World for where he is now, Dylan feels he has “always been an artist.” A family migration in 1998 brought Dylan to Kelowna, where for the past four years he has been a contributing artist in the Okanagan. With the combined mentorship of painter Shawn Serfas and local sculptor Byron Johnston, Dylan has found a voice in both mediums and enjoys inventing new ways to engage people with them. He has exhibited several shows in various Okanagan galleries, including the Vertigo Gallery, the UBCO FINA Gallery, Bo.ttega House, and the Alternator Center for Contemporary Art, where he had a solo painting exhibition. Dylan has been commissioned for several paintings, and took part in the Mad Hatter installation project under Byron Johnston. He also paints public murals as a collaborative duo with local artist Liz Dumontet.

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