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Darcy Feth is a Financial Advisor with expertise in working with Executives & Individuals, with a strong focus on helping them transform their financial future and achieve their personal-financial goals with his unique approach tailored towards the career journey of Executives & Individuals.

His expertise lies in helping individuals identify their primary risks in retirement and structuring a process to help them avoid market downturns while protecting their life savings.

►►► Are you an Executive or Professional working hard to climb up the corporate ladder to achieve your personal income and retirement goals?

Chances are you are busy fighting fires and dealing with new challenges that come with a corporate management position. Most executives and professionals spend long hours helping their company and projects become successful, but lose sight of their personal financial freedom goals.

As a result, they unintentionally end up working more years than they planned to before retirement.

Have you thought about the following:

►If you lost your job today (executives have the highest churn), how much in savings do you have and how does this impact your retirement plan?

►Do you know if your company supports flexible investing which is becoming more popular in many company-sponsored retirement plans today?

►Have you recently assessed your portfolio to see how it would perform if we were to face another market downturn such as the one from 2008?

►Do you know when you can retire or how much money you would need to retire comfortably to maintain the lifestyle you aspire to?

These are some of the many questions that I can help you solve.

Avoid this: “Being a Top Performer, making high income, but still retiring late due to lack of proper financial planning…”

If you need help with this, feel free to reach out at darcy.feth@ig.ca

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